Master your body. Clear your mind.

Your Body is Your Gym.

Your Coach is in Your Pocket.

Watch the video to get a walkthrough of everything EV/CO has to offer.


Discover Your Potential

Find the guidance and encouragement you deserve, so you can make the changes you want

Learn New Skills

The Evolution Library

Discover what your body and mind are capable of with a library of mindful movement tutorials, classes, and training programs.

Training Programs:

  • Bodyweight Beginners

  • Journey to Handstand

  • Journey to Splits

Explore Library Categories:

  • Breathwork & Meditation

  • Mobility Training

  • Calisthenics

  • & more!​


Rewire Your Habits

Evolution Challenges

Try new things everyday and get daily reminders to take at least a few minutes for self-care. You'll see how small routines add up to big lifestyle changes over time. You'll learn to incorporate short sessions of movement and mindfulness into your day so that even the busiest of us can stay healthy and happy.

Live Virtual Workshops

Movement & Mindfulness Guidance by Jared Foote

These workshops guide participants through a no-equipment-needed, full-body session aimed at achieving freedom of movement, strength, mobility. balance, control, and mind-body connection. We will combine a variety of movement practices including Calisthenics, Yoga, Hand Balancing, and Animal Flow.


Connect With A Like-Minded Community

Evolution Collective Facebook Group

Get the support and encouragement you deserve. Our Facebook group holds space for us all to share our collective practice and inspire each other keep evolving sustianably. We send updates about the Newest Library Additions, Challenges, Upcoming Workshops, and new members.


What The Collective Is Saying

"I’ve lost a total of 16kgs. My flexibility has increased dramatically, and is only going to keep getting better. This journey is worthwhile and reachable with Jared."

Adam Rendalls

Jared Foote

EV/CO  Creator & Head Coach

My Dad taught me to lift weights in his basement when I was 12 years old. I spent years doing almost nothing but heavy deadlifts, bench press, and squats. I became strong, but tight and immobile. It wasn't until developed very poor posture and anxiety from my desk job that I discovered yoga and all kinds of movement and mindfulness practices. Today, I teach how to build strength, mobility, and peace of mind using the only tools you'll ever need; your own body and mind.


EV/CO - All Access Memberships

Become a part of the community and get everything EV/CO has to offer with one membership.


Unlimited access to the entire Evolution Library & Training Programs



Unlimited access to all Evolution Challenges


Unlimited access to all EV/CO workshops

1 TO 1


Get personalized advice and speak directly with EV/CO's head coach

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an EV/CO mobile app?

You can add EV/CO to your devices homescreen so it opens just like a mobile app (this won't take up any storage on your device). Watch this video below to learn how

I can't join the live workshops. Will they be recorded?

Yes. Live workshops are recorded, post-edited, and uploaded to the Evolution Liibrary for on-demand viewing. The recording will be available a few days following the time/date of the live session. To find all our classes, head to the Explore page and select the "Classes" filter under Content Type.

Can I request a new tutorial for the library?

Yes! Please use the Facebook Messenger chat button to send a request to Jared directly.

When are new tutorials/classes/programs added to the library?

New content is added to the library on a regular basis but there is no set schedule. On average, 3-4 new classes and 4-10 new tutorials are added every month. New programs & challenges are added based on member request.

Where do I start?

There are many places you could start and the best place is always unique to each individual. To find the best place for you, book a 1 to 1 consultation with Jared. He will give you some personal recommendations.

Can I do multiple EV/CO programs at once?

Maybe. It depends on which programs you're interested in, what your recovery capacity is, and how much time you have. A basic recommendation is to follow a maximum of 2 programs at one time and ensure you are not over training. If you would like to follow more than one program at a time, please book a consult with Jared to discuss or reach out to him via Facebook Messenger.

How do I manage my membership?

You can manage your membership from the Subscriptions tab in your Profile menu. Watch this video to learn how


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