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Mindful Movement Guidance by Jared Foote

These classes guide participants through a no-equipment-needed, full-body session aimed at achieving freedom of movement, strength, mobility. balance, control, and mind-body connection. We will combine a variety of movement practices including Calisthenics, Yoga, Hand Balancing, and Animal Flow. Suitable for all levels.

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"I’ve lost a total of 16kgs. My flexibility has increased dramatically, and is only going to keep getting better. This journey is worthwhile and reachable with Jared."

Adam Rendalls

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Jared Foote

EV/CO  Creator & Head Coach

My Dad taught me to lift weights in his basement when I was 12 years old. I spent years doing mostly heavy deadlifts, bench press, and squats. I became strong, but tight and immobile. It wasn't until I developed poor posture and anxiety from my desk job that I discovered yoga and many other movement and mindfulness practices. Today, I teach how to build strength, increase mobility, and find peace of mind using the only tools you'll ever need; your own body and mind.


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