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Primal Movement

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About The Program

Humans evolved for complex, multi-planar movement. Discover the meaning of physical intelligence and functional play. Plus, unlock awesome movement skills: 💪 Crawling Mastery, Backbending & Dynamic Hand Balancing 🧠 Body Awareness, Adaptability, & Flow State Training ➡️ Master the basics, then move on to advanced techniques ➡️ No reps or sets. Just move and play 🐒 🎥 Video tutorials for all exercises (75+ tutorials & classes) 🙋 Access to our online community for inspiration, Q/A, and form checks ❇️ Get all future updates with new tutorials, classes, and more ✅ Suitable for beginners (we recommend completing Isolate & Compound 1 before starting this program, but it is not required) No equipment required. A soft floor or yoga mat is recommended. A reasonable amount of open space is needed for some flows and classes (3 square meters of open space is ideal). With Primal Flow, you'll uncover ways of moving you never realized your body-mind was capable of. Let's make strength and mobility training fun AF. Ready to move? Let's flow! 🌊



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