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Move Breathe Evolve | 14-Day Fitness Challenge

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About The Program

💚 Reverse the effects of sitting and sedentary living 💪 Unlock your inherent mobility & strength 👁 Discover a (r)evolutionary approach to fitness Join our tribe as we explore the science of human evolution and how it can revolutionize our fitness and well-being. Discover the power of natural movements, from crawling like our ancestors to hanging and throwing. FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY. JOIN TODAY ⬇️ ⭐️ 14-Day Challenge ⭐️ 15 minute morning & evening routines ⭐️ Learn how to stretch without leaving your desk ⭐️ Video tutorials for all exercises ✅ Progress from beginner to experienced skills ✅ Access to our online community for inspiration and Q/A ➡️ Suitable for all levels of fitness ➡️ No special equipment required *START DATE: January 1st 2024”
Let’s evolve together! 🌿



3 Plans Available, From US$24.00/month

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