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BREATHE | Breathwork & Meditation

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About The Program

Invigorate your body, deepen your connection to your core, and clear your mind with EV/CO's breathwork and meditation program. 🎥 Video tutorials for more than 30 tutorials & classes 🙋 Access to our online community for inspiration, Q/A, and form checks ❇️ Get all future updates with new tutorials, classes, and more ➡️ Daily routines for beginners, intermediates and experienced breathworkers ⭐️ 21 Classes in 3 Playlists Featuring: 🫁 Week 1: The Complete Breath 🫁 Week 2: Sympathetic & Parasympathetic Activation 🫁 Week 3: Breath Awareness & Meditation 🔐 This program is suitable for almost anyone. You will not need any special equipment or space. 💚 Please check with your doctor to find out if breathwork is suitable for you, especially if you are pregnant, have cardiovascular disease, or epilepsy.



3 Plans Available, From US$24.00/month

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