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Pistols & Dragons

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About The Program

💚 Get rid of knee and back pain 💪 Grow strong legs & mobile hips 🔓 Unlock the ultimate lower body skills: Deep Squat | Pistol Squat | Dragon Squat START YOUR SQUAT JOURNEY TODAY ⬇️ 🌟 3-6 month program 🌟 2-4 workouts/week (with flexible scheduling) 🌟 30-60 minute workouts 🌟 Video tutorials for all exercises 🌟 Playlist of follow-along strength classes to compliment your training ✅ Progress from beginner to experienced skills ✅ Access to our online community for inspiration and Q/A ✅ Frequently updated with new and improved tutorials, classes, and more ➡️ Suitable for all levels of fitness ➡️ No special equipment required. Only household objects like chairs and books. This program is for anyone who wants to rid their lower body of aches and pains and discover the amazing feats their legs are truly capable of!. You greatly enhance your stability, mobility, and strength! Ready to grow legs like bamboo? Let's go! *Please be aware*:
 Depending on your training frequency, consistency, recovery capacity, quality of nutrition, quality of sleep, stress levels, and other factors, progress will vary. Remember that your coach is always there: You may book a 1:1 consultation anytime to support your growth.



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2 Plans Available
From US$24.00/month


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