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Netta A.

Strength & Women's Health Coach

ISSA Personal Trainer, PN Nutrition Coach L1, GGS-1 Women's Coaching Specialist

I am a certified personal trainer, mobility coach, women's coaching specialist, and nutrition coach. My love for movement has introduced me to many different sports during my life and led me to compete in bodybuilding.

While competing I discovered transformative effects of disciplined training, diet and mindset. But it wasn't until I left bodybuilding that I realised the damage this type of approach had done to my relationship with food and my body.

I now use my extensive experience, knowledge and compassion to help others reach their fitness goals without extreme diets or training regimes. I teach sustainable habits that last a lifetime and empower everyone to see and celebrate all the amazing things they and their bodies are capable of.

Let me help you discover just how strong you can be - both inside and out.

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