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Body + Weights

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About The Program

Want to get stronger but don't know where to start? Learn all the foundational movements and how to properly load your moves with this hybrid calisthenics + weight lifting program. Designed to give you the best possible start for your strength training journey. ⭐️ 6 week program ⭐️ 3 workouts per week ⭐️ Guidelines for better nutrition, hydration & sleep Suitable for all fitness levels. While designed with beginners in mind, this program can also be used as a reintroduction to strength training if you've had a long break from working out. The program requires access to weights (dumbbells or kettlebells) and other gym equipment such as a squat rack/bench/box and resistance bands or a cable machine. Are you ready to get stronger? Let's go! *Please be aware*:
 Depending on your training consistency, recovery capacity, quality of nutrition, quality of sleep, stress levels, and other factors, progress will vary. Remember that your coach is always here to support your progress, both in relation to this program as well as lifestyle factors outside this program. You may book a 1:1 consultation anytime!



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