Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an EV/CO mobile app?

You can add EV/CO to your devices homescreen so it opens just like a mobile app (this won't take up any storage on your device).

I can't join the live workshops. Will they be recorded?

Yes. Live workshops are recorded, post-edited, and uploaded to the Evolution Liibrary for on-demand viewing. The recording will be available a few days following the time/date of the live session. To find all our classes, head to the Explore page and select the "Classes" filter under Content Type.

Can I request a new tutorial for the library?

Yes! Please use the Facebook Messenger chat button to send a request to Jared directly.

When are new tutorials/classes/programs added to the library?

New content is added to the library on a regular basis but there is no set schedule. On average, 3-4 new classes and 4-10 new tutorials are added every month. New programs & challenges are added based on member request.

Where do I start?

There are many places you could start and the best place is always unique to each individual. To find the best place for you, book a 1 to 1 consultation with Jared. He will give you some personal recommendations.

Can I do multiple EV/CO programs at once?

Maybe. It depends on which programs you're interested in, what your recovery capacity is, and how much time you have. A basic recommendation is to follow a maximum of 2 programs at one time and ensure you are not over training. If you would like to follow more than one program at a time, please book a consult with Jared to discuss or reach out to him via Facebook Messenger.

How do I manage my membership?

You can manage your membership from the Subscriptions tab in your Profile menu.