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Bodyweight Beginner

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About The Program

Want to achieve skills like Push-Ups, Dips, Chin-Ups, and Hollow Body Holds? Want to be able to get a great workout anytime, anywhere? Want to start bodyweight training with strong foundations? START YOUR BODYWEIGHT TRAINING JOURNEY HERE: 🌟 12 week program 🌟 3 workouts per week 🌟 45-60 minutes each 🌟 Get access to our online community Suitable for all levels of fitness. This program is designed to teach beginners the foundations of bodyweight training; strength, mobility, coordination, and mind-body connection. Plus, develop strength and mobility in all essential movement patterns: pushing, pulling, squatting, lunging, hinging, folding, backbending, and twisting. For some exercises (particularly for Pulling & Posterior Core workouts) you will need some simple equipment. This may include a pull-up bar, a box/step, and/or paralettes. However, these pieces of equipment are not necessary. We will talk about how to get creative with common household objects to enhance your training experience. Are you ready to get stronger, more mobile, and more coordinated by training with just your bodyweight? Let's BEGIN! *Please be aware*:
 Depending on your training consistency, recovery capacity, quality of nutrition, quality of sleep, stress levels, and other factors, progress will vary. Remember that your coach is always here to support your progress, both in relation to this program as well as lifestyle factors outside this program. You may book a 1:1 consultation anytime!



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Movers & Bodyweight Athletes

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