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Journey to Dragon Squat

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About The Program

Want to build MIND-BLOWING lower body strength and mobility using just your bodyweight? START YOUR DRAGON SQUAT JOURNEY TODAY ⬇️ 🌟 8-week program 🌟 3 workouts/week 🌟 45-60 minutes each 🌟 Get access to our online community This program will cover everything you need to unlock the Dragon Squat; lower body strength, hip mobility, knee stability, balance, and control. It is highly recommended you have unlocked a Pistol Squat before beginning this program. If not, check out the Journey to Pistol Squat program in the Intermediate Programs category. Ready to get build massive lower body strength, mobility, and balance? Let's go! *Please be aware*:
 This program is not a guarantee that you will achieve the Dragon Squat. Depending on your training consistency, recovery capacity, quality of nutrition, quality of sleep, stress levels, and other factors, progress will vary. Remember that your coach is always here to support your progress, both in relation to this program as well as lifestyle factors outside this program. You may book a 1:1 consultation anytime!




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Movers & Bodyweight Athletes

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